Bianco Delicato 50 Capsule Box

Aromatic Filter
Caramel, Sweet Biscuit
R 465.00
Please note this capsule is only compatible with our Professional Coffee Machines.
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BIANCO DELICATO is a coffee carefully designed for a great harmony of coffee with milk. Our blend predominantly composed of Kenyan Arabicas is very light roasted to bring out the natural sweetness of the coffee and reveals delicious caramel and biscuit notes when milk is added.

BIANCO DELICATO was designed to work well with all milk recipes. However, there are two traditional recipes we invite you to try:
Cappuccino (40 ml of coffee with 60 ml of frothed milk) but it’s also great in a larger Latte Macchiato recipe.

Bianco Delicato
Cup Size
Ristretto (25 ml)
Espresso (40 ml)
Lungo (110 ml)
Milk Recipe
Gran Lungo (150 ml)
Aromatic Notes
Caramel, Sweet Biscuit
Aromatic Profile
Caramel & Sweet Biscuit
Nespresso BIANCO DELICATO is designed to achieve the perfect sweet harmony of coffee with milk. Carefully selected Arabicas from Kenya and Indonesia are lightly roasted to reveal delicious caramel and sweet biscuit notes when adding milk. Not all coffees interact well with milk or milk froth but the Kenyan Arabica does It is known for its beautiful balance of citrus acidity and deep juicy fruit notes. Carefully blended with Indonesian Arabica for a delicate sweetness perfectly suited for smooth milk recipes BIANCO DELICATO has only a hint of roastiness and almost no bitterness or acidity. It is all creamy caramel and sweet biscuit notes when adding milk It is a perfect base for Cappuccino but also great for larger milk recipes such as Latte Macchiato.
Gently and slowly roasted in two splits, both equally light, divided only by origin. A course grind finishes one of the lightest roasts ever done for our professional line.
Aromatic Profile
BIANCO DELICATO is all creamy caramel and sweet biscuit notes when you add milk with hardly any bitterness or acidity. The light roast lends sweetness and smoothness to the cup.

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