Carafe Pour-Over Style Mild

Aromatic Filter
Malted, Toasted cereal
R 250.00
Only Compatible with Vertuo Machines.
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A distinctive coffee inspired by the pour-over method bringing smooth taste, mellow flavours and subtle sweetness to your Vertuo Carafe Set. A delicate crema graces this distinctive coffee as it comes pour-over style into your Vertuo Carafe Set. A mild roast of soft and mellow Latin American Arabicas gives a hint of sweetness to Carafe Pour-Over Style Mild's smooth, toasted cereal and malted notes.

We crafted Carafe Mild to be your classic black coffee experience.


We carefully select only the highest quality coffees and conduct more than 70 checks from farm to cup to ensure quality consistency without compromise.

Each coffee pod is carefully blended, roasted and grinded for the best flavour and aroma, sealed for freshness in our recyclable aluminum capsules, waiting to be released for your coffee pleasure.

Carafe Pour-Over Style Mild
Cup Size
Carafe (535 ml)
Mug (230 ml)
Gran Lungo (150 ml)
Double Espresso (80 ml)
Espresso (40 ml)
With Milk
Iced Coffee
Alto (355ml)
Ristretto (25 ml)
Aromatic Notes
Malted, Toasted cereal
Aromatic Profile
Toasted Cereal & Malted
Vertuo Carafe Pour-Over Style Mild is a smooth and mellow coffee inspired by the pour-over method. We crafted this blend of Latin American Arabicas for your Vertuo Carafe Set - to share with others or simply extend the pleasure of your Nespresso moment. A delicate crema crowning subtly sweet toasted cereal & malted aromas. It’s mild enough to stay true to the muse - the graceful balance of elegant flavours -yet strong enough to fill a whole carafe. We selected Arabicas from Latin America for their natural sweetness and characteristic malted and toasted cereal notes. These notes sing in the cup, celebrating all the nuanced aromatics of pour-over style coffee. The mild roast keeps these finer aromatics intact while developing the coffees’ smooth taste.
This blend was roasted using the split roast technique 60/40. The first split includes all origins and is roasted to a light degree and average roasting time, while the second split includes only Colombian coffees and is roasted to a slightly darker degree, creating a mild roast overall. A classic Vertuo roast.
Aromatic Profile
Smooth, toasted cereal and malted notes grace every last drop of this subtly sweet Latin American Arabica blend coffee inspired by the pour-over method.
Similar Aromatic Profile
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    Vertuo Carafe Starter Set
      Only Compatible with Vertuo Machines.

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