Livanto sings in harmony. It’s a blend of Arabicas from Colombia and Guatemala on a base of an Arabica from Brazil - all are as
reliable as they are reputable.

The high-grown coffees have a malty, fruity profile that transforms during the medium roast into a comforting caramelized, toasted
cereal fragrance. You’ll recognize it as that freshly roasted coffee smell we all find so reassuring. The medium roast is what gives
Livanto the balanced bouquet of aromas and the rounded mouthfeel.
With milk, Nespresso Livanto stays in harmony - still smoother and subtly sweeter.

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Each sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules

R 65.00
A really approachable Brazilian Arabica coffee serves as the base for Livanto.
We found reputable, high-grown Arabicas from Guatemala and Colombia that harmonize with the Brazil. We chose the coffees for their malted and fruity profiles that develop
beautifully during roasting.
Roasting these coffees for a relatively long time at medium temperatures transforms the fruity aromas into caramel and toasted cereal notes. It gives Livanto that rounded mouthfeel - acidity and bitterness in complete symmetry. The medium coarse grind also helps give that balance.
Aromatic Profile
Livanto’s harmonious bouquet will remind you of coffee beans fresh out of the roaster - it’s that caramelized, toasted cereal
fragrance we all find so reassuring.