Ristretto Decaffeinato

Ristretto Decaffeinato

Ristretto is Italian for ‘restricted’ - it’s what they did in Naples to their espresso to create this even shorter, more intense café classic.
The Ristretto blend reflects that with its powerful and contrasting character. Ristretto Decaffeinato treads in the same steps but without caffeine - doubly restricted, even less becomes more. Latin American and East African coffees - both Arabica and a touch of Robusta - bring an audacious balance of strength, acidity and bitterness with a hint of fruity notes.

All the bold aromas of Ristretto Decaffeinato blend with milk to give you a classic latte macchiato or cappuccino - full of roasty notes and a velvety texture.

With or without milk - with Ristretto Decaffeinato, even less becomes more.

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Each sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules

R 70.00
This is our most intense tasting decaf coffee.
None of Ristretto’s powerful and contrasting character is lost in Ristretto Decaffeinato. It’s still a blend of both Latin American and East African coffees - Arabica and a touch of Robusta. All these coffees come with their unique characters and are drawn together into one and extracted into a short, intense decaf Ristretto. So much going on in so small a cup - it’s true that less is more. Gentle decaffeination of these coffees takes care to keep all those distinct aromatics at work in Nespresso decaf Ristretto.
Slow split-roasts of these Arabica and Robusta coffees develop all the aromatics
and give Ristretto Decaffeinato its rich,roasted taste.
A fine grind helps create that classic Italian taste - it’s intense and profoundly hefty on your tongue.
Aromatic Profile
Nespresso Ristretto Decaffeinato - like the original Ristretto - is boldly roasty but balanced out by soft chocolate notes.
You may catch some of the subtle acidity and fruity notes that make this Nespresso Decaf capsule so mysteriously complex.