A Taste of Paris

You're invited to a feast celebrating Parisian indulgence with our new limited editions. Join us for a banguet loaded with gourmandise and refinement.

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About India Mahdavi

Flavoured coffees. Do not contain pieces of the depicted food. Product as sold does not contain any milk ingredients.

Coffe with Milk, anyone?

Add delight with a Dash of milk

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Reveal the Variations Paris Macaron sweetness with a hint of milk.

Enhance the caramel and praliné notes of Variations Paris Praliné with a creamy Cappuccino.

Flavoured coffees. Do not contain pieces of the depicted food. Product as sold does not contain any milk ingredients.

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Choose from variety of delightful coffee combinations and surprise your dear ones with unique coffee flavours.

x 10

Variations Paris Macaron

x 10

Paris Black

x 10

Variations Paris Praline

  1. Capriccio
    Rich & Distinctive

    Nespresso Capriccio is the rich, unique espresso that is ready to astonish with its complex and balanced bouquet. Its distinct cereal
    notes are characteristic of the Brazilian Arabica and touch of Robusta we use. But then Capriccio surprises you with a fine acidity
    that gleams through - that comes from the high-grown South American Arabicas and the light roast. Adding milk will bring out the
    biscuit and caramel notes - it highlights the coffee’s sweetness. You can really indulge with this in a Capriccio cappuccino or Latte

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    Each sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules

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A sweet collaboration between Nespresso and India Mahdavi

I wanted to add a hint of reverie. Offering delight capsules for the eyes to relish and then fly away in each and everyone’s imagination.


In partnership with renowned interior designer, India Mahdavi, celebrate this festive season with the launch of our Parisian Gourmandise inspired Limited Edition festive collection, from delicious Variations coffees to a range of stunning accessories.

Based in Paris, India Mahdavi has created some of the world’s most iconic modern spaces including The Gallery at Sketch in London, Jean François Piège in Paris and APT in New York, her work is now synonym with elegant design imbued with rich colour palettes.

A collaboration representative of India’s signature style with soft edges and a touch of luxury.

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