Alto Onice

Aromatic Filter
Woody, Roasted
R 160.00
Please note these coffee capsules are only compatible with Vertuo Next Machines.
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Why we love it:

Alto Onice delivers a full palate of strong cereal and deep woody notes for a longer cup to savour at home or on the go. Through the bold aromatics of beautiful bitter cocoa, spice and roasted notes comes a golden caramel note and a faint shimmer of acidity to balance this deep-roasted blend of coffees from Colombia, India, and beyond.

Enjoy the rich aromatics of Alto Onice coffee pods. Arabica and Robusta coffees give rich warmth to this light-roast long cup. 7 capsules of roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system.

Vertuo Alto
Cup Size
Carafe (535 ml)
Mug (230 ml)
Gran Lungo (150 ml)
Double Espresso (80 ml)
Espresso (40 ml)
Milk Recipe
Frozen Recipe
Alto (355ml)
Aromatic Notes
Woody, Roasted
Aromatic Profile
Roasted, Woody
For this blend, we use natural arabicas coming from Brazil and combination with fully-washed arabicas from Mexico and another Latin American Origin. A touch of fine-Robusta from Uganda finishes of the blend.
Arabicas and Robustas are roasted together in the first split. The second split is composed exclusively from decaffeinated arabica, and is roasted for a slightly shorter time.
Aromatic Profile
A complex blend of several origins—through its Indian beans’ cocoa and spice notes comes the Colombian Arabica’s shimmer of acidity in our longest cup size.

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