Bianco Doppio

Aromatic Filter
Sweet Biscuit
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Each sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules

A smooth and caramelly light-roast Arabica blend crafted specifically for your larger milky coffees.

Why we love it:

We crafted this coffee as the match for your longer milky treats. An aromatic blend of light roasted Arabicas from Kenya, Colombia and Nicaragua, our signature split roast develops delicious caramelly notes and a smooth texture in BIANCO DOPPIO for milk. It’s the coffee that pairs beautifully with milk in your larger cappuccinos and flat whites.

Bianco Doppio
Cup Size
Carafe (535 ml)
Mug (230 ml)
Gran Lungo (150 ml)
Double Espresso (80 ml)
Espresso (40 ml)
Milk Recipe
Frozen Recipe
Alto (355ml)
Aromatic Notes
Sweet Biscuit
Aromatic Profile
For Sweet & Smooth Recipes
Because finding synergy between coffee and milk does not happen by chance, our dedicated team of coffee experts across various departments worked for years to craft delightful pairings of coffees for milk. It all begins with the beans. Different coffee origins carry different aromatic profiles and tastes. 
Part of specially designing BIANCO DOPPIO for milk for your larger cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, and flat whites meant crafting a particularly aromatic blend that would land in harmony with milk in a larger cup size. We selected Arabicas from Kenya, Colombia and Nicaragua for their ability to deliver this compelling aromatic complexity. Roast parameters also impact the final coffee and milk alchemy and we eventually found a complex light split roast that allowed us to develop the unique aromatic characteristics in each of the blend’s coffees. The bespoke roast gives the blend a delicious caramelly character and smooth texture. It’s that harmony carefully crafted for pairing with the silky sweetness of milk in those longer milky coffee treats.
This coffee uses the split roast technique. The majority of the coffee goes on a very light first split – including the Kenyan coffee – while the second split is pushed a bit further. A very clear and light roast overall.
Aromatic Profile
With milk, Bianco Doppio has a sweet and milky profile, with fruity, biscuity, caramel and cereal notes and a creamy texture.

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