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Product Information

  • What is the shelf life of the Nespresso capsules?

    Our capsules are hermetically sealed for optimal conservation of coffee aromas. Two dates are indicated on each sleeve: the production date and the date of consumption. We ensure the freshness consumption up to 12 months after the date of production. The best before date is however not the expiration date as the coffee is not a perishable product. This date is recommended for obtaining the best results in a cup.

  • How can I order professional capsules?

    To order professional capsules please click here or contact Nespresso Professional on 0800 B2B PRO (222 776).

  • What does “Pure Origin” or “Single Origin” coffee mean?

    A pure origin or single origin coffee is made of coffees coming from the same country of origin. At Nespresso, each “pure origin” is exclusively and genuinely composed (100%) of coffees coming from a single country of origin and even limited regions that offer unique profiles. We perform rigorous sampling and testing to ensure that we have only 100% pure origins.

  • What is so special about the highest quality coffee that Nespresso uses?

    Nespresso coffee experts look for only the finest beans with a particular taste and specific aromatic characteristics, to create the Nespresso blends. Each coffee is evaluated through tasting to ensure that they meet the Nespresso quality standards and match the exact aroma profiles.

    Nespresso is committed to offering its consumers only the finest gourmet coffees. Throughout the year, Nespresso green coffee experts and their green coffee supply partners ensure these highest quality standards by actively seeking out such coffees cultivated in farming communities in the world premium coffee-producing areas. These are often remote regions, where a combination of altitude, climate and rich soil produce the distinctive flavours, aromas and complex character that make up Nespresso Coffees.

  • Are Nespresso capsules just filled with pure coffee?

    Nespresso coffee capsules contain only pure coffee - that’s why no additives of any kind are used or needed. The quality and consistency of our coffee in the cup and its exquisite crema are the result of the highest quality coffee, the way we manage the quality during the whole production process and the unique Nespresso system – the interaction of the original Nespresso aluminium capsule and the genuine Nespresso machine.

  • Where are the coffees used in the capsules sourced from?

    The coffees used by Nespresso are sourced primarily from: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Kenya, Ethiopia and India.

  • Where are the coffee capsules produced?

    All the coffee capsules are produced in Switzerland, in the Nespresso Production Centres of Orbe and Avenches. The coffee capsules are then shipped worldwide from the Avenches site.

  • Why is Nespresso coffee not available in stores/supermarkets?

    Our unique business model enables us to manage quality at every stage of the value chain and to maintain direct consumer relationships. We believe this allows us to best anticipate and respond to consumer expectations. We know that Nespresso Club Members value the individual treatment they experience at Nespresso – whether it is through the Nespresso Online Boutique, the Nespresso Customer Relationship Centres, or the face-to-face contact at our Nespresso Boutiques or Booths.

  • Where can I buy Nespresso products?

    You can buy Nespresso products on our Online Boutique, or at Nespresso Boutiques or Booths, or through The Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or

  • Does Nespresso offer tea or hot chocolate capsules?

    Unfortunately, Nespresso does not have any tea or hot chocolate related capsules to the Grands Crus selection. We offer Limited Edition and flavour-infused variation espressos throughout the year.

  • How much caffeine is in each Nespresso capsule?

    The amount of caffeine is different for each coffee and depends on two factors: the proportion of Robusta in the blend (Robusta contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica), and the quantity of ground coffee used to prepare the cup.

    The caffeine content for Espressos and Lungos varies between 60-85mg of caffeine.

  • How often should I descale my machine?

    Nespresso recommends you descale your machine on a regular basis, every 3 months or every 300 capsules.

    Over time, water used during brewing may cause internal mineral build up, which can affect the flow, temperature and overall performance of your machine.

    Each kit contains two packs of solution good for two cleanings and costs R99.00. Descaling kits are available for purchase on our Online Boutique click here, through the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or, or at any Nespresso Boutique. Find your closest Nespresso Boutique here.

  • How many calories are in each Nespresso capsule?

    There are 1260 Kj (300 Kcal) in 100 grams of roasted and ground coffee. Nespresso espresso capsules contain 5.5 grams of coffee on average, whereas the lungos contain approximately 7 grams of coffee per capsule. Taking note of the fact that the coffee grounds are not consumed whole but rather their contents are dissolved in water, the calorie count is even less. A 1.35 oz cup of espresso contains approximately 0.6 calories while a 3.75 oz lungo contains approximately 1.0 calorie

  • Is Nespresso Kosher & Halaal?

    Yes. Nespresso coffees are compliant with the Muslim and Jewish religious requirements, and are respectively Halaal and Kosher certified. Certificates can be e-mailed upon request. In the frame of the Kosher certification, the Coffees without flavours are “Passover” certified. Coffees with flavours are Pareve certified.

  • Do Nespresso capsules contain any additives or preservatives?

    The permanent varieties, as well as the Limited Editions and the Holiday Variations, do not contain any allergens, including but not limited to gluten, lactose or nuts.

    References to "malt", "milk", or "cocoa" notes are components of the aromatic profile and do not suggest their presence in the coffee.

The Nespresso Contact Centre & The Nespresso Club

  • What is the Nespresso Contact Centre?

    Nespresso offers specific services to consumers who wish to enter what is called the Nespresso Contact Centre. A customer who has chosen to join Nespresso is called a Club Member. The Contact Centre services include: delivery of capsules and coffee accessories to your address of choice within 1 - 3 working days; maintenance service with free machine pick-up and free machine loan; guidance on the finest points of coffee tasting; “Limited Edition” Coffee; coffee accessories.

Orders & Order follow ups

  • How can I change or cancel my order?

    To meet our delivery deadlines, online orders are processed automatically by our system and immediately transferred to our Logistics Centre. If you wish to cancel or modify your order, we kindly invite you to contact the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or as soon as possible.

    However, as soon as your order is confirmed, Nespresso cannot guarantee any changes or cancellations required.

  • Where is my delivery?

    Please call the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or send an email to to confirm your order and delivery details.

  • When can I expect delivery of my Nespresso order?

    Nespresso delivers your orders to your address of choice throughout South Africa.

    Please expect delivery within 1 to 3 working days.
    *Please ensure that you have a valid cell phone number registered in order for us to inform you of the status of your delivery.

  • I have moved and would like to change my address, how can I do this?

    To change your postal address, follow these instructions below :

    Click on "Login" on the home page at the top right-hand corner and enter your email address and your password.
    Click on "My account" and then on "My addresses".
    You can then change your address or add another.

  • I would like to choose a different delivery or billing address for my order, how can I do this?

    You can also change your address when you place an order online. We ask you to choose a billing address then a delivery address. You can change or update these details at any time.

  • Is it safe to pay online?

    Yes. There are multiple payment methods available online that are 3D secure and PCI compliant.

  • Can I send capsules abroad?

    Nespresso unfortunately does not deliver orders abroad. You should contact Nespresso in the country where you wish to have your coffee delivered.

    Please visit the Nespresso World Of Coffee, in the upper right corner on the principal page, you will find the icon of a flag. By clicking on this icon all countries where Nespresso is represented will appear. By selecting the country of your choice, you will find all delivery and billing details.

Delivery Queries & Issues

  • I have received damaged or incorrect products. What should I do?

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of the products you have received, please contact the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or for further assistance. Please keep the bill and the packaging as the production code printed on the box helps us find the product's batch.

    To help us give you the best possible service, please supply us with as much information as possible regarding damaged or unwanted products.

Online Assistance

  • Reset Password

    If you have lost or forgotten your password & you need to change it, all you need to do is:

    Click on "Login" on the home page in the top right-hand corner of the screen, select "Forgot your password?”

    Enter the email address you created a Nespresso online account with. Click on "Reset My Password".

    You will receive a message to the email address you have given that will ask you to click on a link to set a new password.

    If you are unable to change it or if you do not receive the link, please contact the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or email and one of our Coffee Specialists will be happy to help you.

  • Moving abroad – How can I carry on drinking Nespresso coffee?

    You can select your new country using the flag at the top right so that you can continue to enjoy a fine cup of Nespresso coffee abroad. Then register with a new email address. Please note that one email address cannot be used simultaneously for two countries. Alternatively, please contact the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or email and one of our Coffee Specialists will be happy to help you.

  • You are moving to another country and wish to close your Club account?

    Please contact the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or e-mail if you wish to close your Nespresso account. Our Coffee Specialists will update your account and advise you what you need to do in order to create your new account.

  • Have you recently changed your email address and are now unable to login?

    Your old email address might still be registered in your Nespresso account. To change this, please read more under "How can I change my email address?". Alternatively, please contact the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or email and one of our Coffee Specialists will be happy to help you.

  • How can I change my email address?

    To change your email address, all you need to do is:

    Enter your login details (email address and password) under "Login" at the top right-hand corner. Click on "My account" and then "My personal information".

    Click again on "Edit my information". You can then change your email address and your password if you wish.

Machine & Product Assistance

  • How can I use and clean my Aeroccino?

    - Always use cold milk, preferably UHT.
    - There are two different whisks. One for warming milk (hot milk whisk), another for frothing hot and cold milk.
    - Take note of the maximum level indication for hot milk and for milk foam.
    - The Aeroccino must be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth after each use to remove all milk residues and prevent it burning on.

  • What is the process to repair my Nespresso machine?

    To receive troubleshooting tips or to log a service call, please contact the Nespresso Club on 0800 637773 or email A coffee specialist will take you through the troubleshooting process regarding any machine or technical related queries that you have. Should troubleshooting not be successful, the coffee specialist will arrange for the collection of your machine to be delivered to the Nespresso Technical Centre for a full technical evaluation.

  • Where can I buy machine parts for my Nespresso machine?

    All machine parts can be ordered on our Online Boutique,click here, or by contacting the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or These are not available at Nespresso Boutiques or Booths.

  • What is the warranty on Nespresso machines?

    Nespresso machines are guaranteed for a period of 24 months from date of purchase pursuant to the specific terms and conditions listed in the original product documentation and such guarantee is without prejudice to any of your statutory consumer rights.

    Nespresso warranties their product against defects in materials and workmanship for the following warranty period, which varies according to the country of purchase. The warranty period commences on the date of purchase and Nespresso may require presentation of the original proof of purchase to ascertain that date.

    During the warranty period, Nespresso will either repair or replace, at its option, any defective product at no charge to the owner. Replacement products or repaired parts will be warranted for only the unexpired portion of the original warranty or six months, whichever is greater.

    Our Limited Warranty does not apply to any defect resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, failure to follow the product instructions, calcium deposits, improper or inadequate maintenance, normal wear and tear, use for commercial purposes, use on current or voltage other than as marked on the product, unauthorized product alteration, fire, lightning, flood or other external causes.

    This warranty is valid only in the country of purchase or in such other countries where Nespresso sells and services the same model with identical technical specifications. Warranty service outside the country of purchase is limited to the terms and conditions of the corresponding warranty in the country of service.

  • Where can I find new Aeroccino whisks?

    Like all machine spare parts, Aeroccino whisks and lids can be purchased directly from the Nespresso Online Boutique or through the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or

  • Aeroccino - What does the blinking red light mean?

    Your Aeroccino may be overheating if the light is blinking before the frothing cycle is complete. Rinse the Aeroccino between uses with cold, running water. If it is not fully cooled down, the frother will overheat, indicated by the blinking red light, and will not run for the correct length of time.

  • Aeroccino - My Aeroccino burns the milk. What do I do?

    You can prevent future burn marks inside your Aeroccino by following these easy cleaning tips :
    1.Make sure your Aeroccino is cold to the touch before using. It's best to rinse it with cold water in between usage.
    2.Use soap and cold water to clean the frother and wipe the inside of the jug with a damp, non-abrasive sponge or paper towel to remove milk residue. Remaining milk residue can cause burn marks when you use the Aeroccino again.

  • Aeroccino - Why won't my Aeroccino froth?

    Froth will vary based on the variety, origin, and freshness of the milk. You can also try different brands and types of milk will make different qualities of froth.

    Milk quality fluctuates throughout the year and as a result, the amount of froth can vary from season to season. We find that UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk produces very consistent results.

    Also be sure to use fresh, ice cold milk.

  • Aeroccino - Why is the milk overflowing?

    You can follow the tips below to prevent your Aeroccino from overflowing :

    1. Remember there are 2 max fill lines: Fill the milk to the lower maximum fill line when you use the frothing whisks; this is the whisk with the coil. Fill the milk no higher than the top maximum fill line when you use the hot milk whisk; this is the whisk without the coil.

    2. Experiment with different brands of milk. While any type of milk in Nespresso may be used in your Aeroccino; the froth results will depend on the protein content of the milk used and are not always guaranteed for milk alternatives.

  • How long does the machine and/or accessory repair process take?

    The entire process will not take more the 7 days from the date that your machine is collected.

  • Are the Expert machines connected machines?

    Only certain markets’ machines are connected to the Nespresso app. The Expert + Expert & Milk machine's connectivity functionalities through Bluetooth® (Google Play™ & Apple Store™) application is currently unavailable in your country. For any questions or to check on local updates, please contact your the Nespresso Club on 0800 63 777 3 or

  • I downloaded the Nespresso App via VPN or in another country. Can I connect my machine?

    Your region does not currently support the app functionalities for Expert machines. Nestlé Nespresso S.A accepts no responsibility or liability for any potential connection to machines via VPN, supported countries, nor the fulfilment of orders via an application that is currently not supported in your country of origin.

  • I have moved to another country and my app is no longer working. What should I do?

    The Nespresso Club Member account will still be linked to the country you have left, and therefore so will the app. Please be aware that the following countries do not have the app: South Africa, KSA, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, Bahrain, Oman, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Lebanon, Algeria, Mauritius, Jordan, Russia, Romania, Thailand, Iceland, Indonesia, China, Hong-Kong, Colombia, and Malaysia. Please call your local Nespresso Club for further assistance. You will need to delete the machine from the app or factory reset from the machine. Once in the new country, create a new Nespresso Club account and pair with this new account.

  • What does the 19 bars on my Expert Machine mean?

    All the Nespresso machines are equipped with a 19-bar pressure pump, which provides the power needed to pierce the film of the capsule and release the coffee's 900 or so different aromas. The shape of the Nespresso capsule has been specially designed to ensure that the pressurized water flows evenly through the ground coffee during extraction. The temperature and flow time are also set to ensure that each precious aroma is expressed.


  • Who will recycle the capsules for you?

    Nespresso is working with Oricol Environmental Services (Oricol), an environmental service company that has assumed a leading role in South Africa for the delivery of superior environmental and resource recovery solutions and aims to divert waste from landfill and turn waste into a resource. All used Nespresso capsules are transported by road to Oricol’s Spartan facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, for separation, storage and recycling.

  • How is the destination or use of recycled components determined?

    Oricol handles and determines the future use of both the aluminium and spent coffee grounds derived from recycled capsules. Once separated the aluminium undergoes a further recycling process at a nearby steal smelter where it is reused to make new aluminium products while the coffee grounds are composted to produce a very high-quality fertilizer for organic farming purposes.

  • What is the collection/recovery process of Nespresso used capsules for recycling?

    To encourage Club Members to recycle their used capsules to give them a second life, Nespresso has set up convenient return options to make it easy to recycle. Collection points: The Nespresso Boutiques form the heart of the operation in South Africa by providing Club Members with easy access to handy collection points, to find your nearest Nespresso Boutique click here. Nespresso has set up dedicated recycling bins in all Nespresso Boutiques which are conveniently and centrally located in Cape Town at the V & A Waterfront and in the Canal Walk Shopping Centre and further in Johannesburg at Sandton City and Hyde Park Shopping Centres. Club Members can now easily return their used capsules for recycling at existing Nespresso Boutiques, and in future Nespresso Boutiques.

  • How are capsules transported to Oricol?

    Used capsules collected via the Nespresso Boutiques are consolidated and stored in air-tight recycling wheelie bins. Once full, the bin liner containing used capsules is sealed and packaged by the Boutique team into a corrugated cardboard box for weekly collection by a dedicated courier service. On arrival at Oricol’s Spartan facility the load of corrugated cardboard boxes containing the used Nespresso capsules is verified, sorted, weighed and logged on site by technical and quality managers to ensure the recovery all recyclables received.

  • How does Oricol recycle the used capsules?

    To prepare the used Nespresso capsules for recycling, the capsules need to be dried out to allow for the separation process, whereby the aluminium in the used capsules is separated from the coffee grounds. In accordance with the high environmental requirements of the Nespresso recycling programme, Oricol has implemented a method whereby residual heat recovered from another waste drying process is used for our capsules. Nespresso has developed a customised aluminium separation machine that Oricol will be using to recycle Nespresso used capsules at its facility in Johannesburg.

  • How does this machine recycle the Nespresso capsules?

    Nespresso recycling machine separates the aluminium in used capsules from the coffee grounds. Capsules are emptied into the feeding hopper of the machine, where a bucket elevator lifts the capsules into a shredder to chop them into tiny pieces. The resulting mixture of shredded aluminium and coffee grounds is then passed through an agitator equipped with a vibrating screen that acts as a filter separating the aluminium and coffee grounds into two separate containers. Once this process of separation is complete, the coffee grounds and aluminium are ready for the next stage in their recycling and revalorisation journey.

  • How does Oricol facilitate the next process of recycling?

    Aluminium: Once the aluminium from the used capsules has been separated from the coffee grounds, it is collected, stored and sent to a smelter where it is melted down, purified, and moulded for use in new aluminium products. Aluminium keeps its properties and its quality during this process and can therefore be recycled infinitely into new products. Coffee grounds: The spent coffee grounds from used Nespresso capsules are composted by Oricol using Vermiculture to produce a very high-quality fertilizer for organic farming purposes.

  • How does Nespresso capsules made of aluminium rank from an environmental standpoint?

    To enable Nespresso to understand how best to reduce its carbon footprint within every aspect of its business, from the cherry to the cup, without creating negative environmental impacts elsewhere, the company uses a scientific tool called Life cycle assessment (LCA). LCA studies conducted by Quantis examining the carbon footprint of a cup of Nespresso have shown that the energy consumption of the machine and the agricultural production of the coffee have the biggest impacts on the environment. The influence of the capsule packaging is therefore lower than one would generally expect for portioned coffee. No other capsule material that we have examined can protect the freshness and aromas of our coffees while interacting with our machines in such a way as to consistently produce the high quality coffee that our consumers have come to expect. In addition, aluminium also has the unique advantage of being infinitely recyclable. The use of aluminium also allows us to eliminate the need for any additional packaging or overwrap to protect freshness, and its lightweight provides environmental advantages from a logistics perspective providing further advantages from a sustainability perspective.

  • Does the recycling of used coffee capsules really make a difference?

    Yes. Nespresso Club Members who return their used aluminium capsules for recycling actively contribute to improving the environmental performance of Nespresso coffee and to the revalorization of this precious material. In fact, when compared with primary aluminium sourcing the recycling of aluminium generates only 5% of the carbon emissions associated with mining, refining and smelting and therefore saves up to 95% of the energy needed to produce aluminium from its raw state.

  • Can I recycle my capsules?

    Club Members may drop off their used capsules at their nearest Nespresso Boutique for recycling. Club members can also hand over their sealed Nespresso Recycling Bag to the Courier company when they deliver your order.

  • Can I hand over my used capsules to the Courier company?

    Yes. Please hand over your sealed Nespresso Recycling Bag to the Courier company when they deliver your order.

  • Are the capsules 100% recyclable?

    Yes, Nespresso capsules are recyclable. Nespresso uses aluminium for its capsules, as it is the best material that we have found to protect the quality and freshness of the Nespresso Grand Cru coffees against factors such as oxygen, light and humidity. Aluminium also has the advantage of being infinitely recyclable. As we believe in the value aluminium, we are setting up recycling programmes to ensure that aluminium can get a second life. The spent coffee grounds from used Nespresso capsules can also be re-used in a number of ways, including organic fertilizers or as a source of green energy.

Return Policy

  • What is the return policy for Nespresso products?

    All Nespresso products other than coffee capsules, items purchased on sale or at a discounted price, or as part of a refund, may be returned within 7 days from date of purchase.
    Nespresso will only accept such returns if the goods are in perfect re-saleable condition, in their original undamaged packaging and accompanied by the relevant invoice. Subject to these conditions, Nespresso will reimburse you the price paid for the returned goods and the invoiced delivery charges within a maximum of 30 days after receipt of the returned goods. The return delivery costs will be at the customer’s expense.
    If you wish to return a product, for any other reason than stated above, you must do so within 7 (seven) days from the date of the original purchase thereof. Nespresso will not be obliged to accept returns of products which have been used, modified or tampered with or are in a non-saleable condition. All returns must be accompanied by the original till slip. (This provision does not apply to coffee capsules or to items purchased on sale or at a discounted price or as part of a refund).

  • Where can I return the unwanted products?

    All Nespresso products can only be returned through the Nespresso Club, by calling 0800 63 7773 or emailing

Data Protection

  • Does Nespresso sell customers data to third parties?

    Nespresso does not sell your personal data to third parties and treats it in strict confidence in accordance with applicable law and Nespresso’s privacy policy. The Nespresso privacy policy is published on the site & can be reviewed here.
    As per the relevant laws, you have the right to access and rectify your personal data by writing to Nespresso at the below address:
    Nespresso South Africa
    PO Box 1510
    North Riding
    South Africa