Follow these steps to setup your EasyOrder


Select your favourite coffee

Log in to your existing online Nespresso account or create a new account to set up EasyOrder. You will be able to choose from Original and Vertuo coffees (together or separately).


Schedule your order

Select a pre-defined frequency and the start date for your EasyOrder. 

Add your delivery address along with the delivery and payment method.


Enjoy your coffee moments!

Based on your chosen frequency, your order will be automatically delivered to you at your address. Enjoying your favourite Nespresso coffee has never been easier!

Still have questions?

  • What is EasyOrder?
    EasyOrder is a simple and easy way to ensure you never run out of your favourite Nespresso coffees. It’s a Monthly or Bi-monthly auto-delivery or auto-replenishment service. You just have to set it up once you are done. All Original and Vertuo coffees are available to order under this service. This service is only available Online at
  • Is this easy to set up?
    It is easy to set up – from the start or from a previous order. All you have to do is place the First EasyOrder with the coffees that you want to be delivered, select the frequency of delivery monthly, bi-monthly – the delivery address and pay for your first delivery with your credit card. You can modify or cancel anytime, with no fees, no commitment.
  • What is the benefit of setting up an EasyOrder?
    By setting up an EasyOrder, not only do you ensure that you never run out of your favourite Nespresso coffees, you also get Free delivery and to save you time and effort on placing an order when you need it. You can set up, modify or cancel your Recurring Order on the Nespresso website
  • What is my free gift on my first order?
    You will receive a free gift with purchase on your initiating order. The gift will be subject to change.
  • How can I modify or cancel my EasyOrder?
    Before each order is shipped delivered, you will receive a notification email. Should you want to cancel or modify any aspect of the next shipment delivery (coffee selection, delivery date) you can do so. No charges apply. Just log into your account at
  • Is there a fee for signing up or using this EasyOrder?
    There is no fee for creating or modifying your EasyOrder.
  • How will I know when my order will be delivered ship?
    You will receive a notification email before your order ships. You can modify or cancel your order anytime until a day before the order is shipped. Log into your Nespresso account or call Nespresso to inquire about your next delivery.
  • Do I have to pay for Delivery?
    Delivery fees will not apply and is FREE on all EasyOrders.
  • What is the minimum number of sleeves to be ordered?
    10 sleeves or 100 capsules.
  • Is Limited Edition coffee available via Recurring Order?
    Limited Edition coffees are not orderable via Recurring Order as product stock is available in limited quantities. To order a Limited Edition coffee, we recommend you place a separate order.
  • I do not see Nespresso machines or all of the Nespresso accessories? How do I order these as part of my service?
    The Recurring Order service is only available for Nespresso coffees. We encourage you to place a separate order for Nespresso machines and accessories that are typically ordered in a lower frequency.
  • How can I pay for EasyOrders?
    You pay for your EasyOrder deliveries with your Credit Card.
  • When am I charged?
    You pay as you go. Your credit card is charged just before each order is delivered.
  • What if my credit card expires? Will it block my delivery?
    When you set up your EasyOrder, you will be asked to provide a credit card that will be charged before each order is delivered. If a payment fails on a recurring order you will be contacted by the Nespresso Club to update your credit card details on your easy order account. (in event of expiry).
  • What if my credit card expires? Will it block my delivery?
    Yes, all EasyOrders will receive a complimentary recycling bag with every order. You can drop off your bag of used capsules at our boutiques and booths, or you can get our courier partner to collect from you at home when they deliver your next EasyOrder.
  • Will I get a Recycle Bag?
    Yes, you can have multiple EasyOrders. To make it easy for you to track them you can give each of them a name. E.g., Aunt Mary’s EasyOrder.

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