The Welcome Offer comprises one or more offerings of a combination of pre-selected coffee capsule sleeves, together with a complimentary gift, intended to welcome new Club Members and enhance their coffee experience.

The Terms and Conditions applicable to the Welcome Offer are set out below:

  • The Welcome Offer is only available to new Nespresso Club Members

    - One (1) per Club Member account number;

    - Only on the first and second coffee purchase after opening a Club Member account;

    - Provided that a newly purchased Nespresso coffee machine is registered on opening the Club Member account, whether purchased at a Boutique or Booth, or through an authorised Nespresso Retail Trade Partner, Online or the CRC.

  • The composition of any particular Welcome Offer offering is subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of Nespresso.
  • Welcome Offers and the coffee capsule selections and complimentary gifts comprising the Welcome Offers are subject to stock availability.
  • The selection of coffee capsules in the Welcome Offer and the complimentary gifts are pre-determined by Nespresso and may not be altered or replaced.
  • Neither the Welcome Offer, nor any part of it (capsules and/or complimentary gift) may be exchanged for any other Nespresso product or for cash or credit on account.
  • Where the complimentary gift is a capsule dispenser or presentation box, these are supplied empty.

Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions – Revision 14 September 2020